Under the shade of pergolato overlooking Loppia hamlet, in the immediate nearby of marvellous Villa Melzi entrance, there stands a pleasant restaurant.

Our concept of Mediterranean cuisine

Piccione in due cotture

Mediterranean cuisine proposal combines courses with seasonal ingredients, originality and accurate presentation. The service is polite and willing, suitable for all customers.

Visit Bellagio

and the Lake of Como

Loppia is an ancient fraction of Bellagio, and its history dates back to the times of ancient Rome.
Come and discover the beauty of the area, the botanical gardens of Villa Melzi and the dock with its characteristic Lucie, historic fishermen’s boats.

Allergens List

(1) Cereali – Cereals
(2) Crostacei – Shellfish
(3) Molluschi – Clams
(4) Uova – Eggs
(5) Pesce – Fish
(6) Arachidi – Peanuts
(7) Soia – Soy
(8) Latte – Milk
(9) Frutta a guscio – Nuts
(10) Sedano – Celery
(11) Senape – Mustard
(12) Sesamo – Sesame
(13) Solfiti – Sulfites
(14) Lupini – Lupins