We are at a few minutes walking distance from Bellagio town centre, in the wonderful setting of Loppia fraction, ancient fishermen village, immediately aside Villa Melzi d’Eril botanical gardens and near to San Giovanni charming fraction and its patrician villas, Villa Greppi and Villa Trotti.

Our external, trees shaded, pergolato is surrounded by historical buildings, the Romanic church of Santa Maria di Loppia once upon a time part of a nuns convent and the small hamlet which guests one of the two last remained typical Lake Como transport boats, “comballi”.

You may profit to walk through Villa Melzi d’Eril park shoreline, view route above, in order to reach us directly from Bellagio promenade and main ferries dockings, park access is regulated by paid ticket.

Also you may reach us by car, a small parking is available just in front of the restaurant, other parkings are available in the nearby as shown in above map.