Restaurant is located in Loppia di Bellagio fraction. Easily reachable by walking, coblestones stair “Scalotta” of Loppia where we can find a romanic church of value dedicated to Santa Maria di Loppia, fraction was fishermen village and many buildings are of historical interest.


At a few meters itis possible to visit Villa Melzi d’Eril botanical gardens sprinkled by art pieces collected by this noble family through different historical ages,  the villa, which is closed to public, guests a small napoleonic museum which exhibits objects collected by Earl Francesco, vice president of the Italian Republic during Napoleon I domination.


Just out of villa opposite gate we can continue along Bellagio promenade looking to Lake Como and Bellagio promontory landscape and then arriving at Bellagio old town where many alleys and stepstones stairs branch out where we can find lot bars, cafes and shops offering best of made in Italy products.